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supply chain management best practices

Our Mission

supply chain management imageThe mission of EMS Consulting is to be a partner in the success of our clients by providing innovative approaches using the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

Transform projects focusing on value and improving outcomes.

Our History

Liz Kistner founded EMS Consulting in 2015 based on the needs of our clients. EMS Consulting delivers value and successful outcomes using supply chain management best practices consistent with your company’s business strategies. We manage our teams in fast paced enterprise-wide environments driving results in the complexity of change using leadership and strategic guidance ensuring alignment with all related requirements, regulations, and policy guidelines. We have a track record managing complex marketing project engagements using varied work plans, deliverables, and schedules by developing and implementing processes’ that establish performance measures and baselines, data-driven decisions, developing solutions and testing effectiveness. Clients know us as being reliable, respectful and transparent.