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A Certified Women-owned Project Management Firm

EMS Consulting is a PMP certified women-owned project management consulting firm dedicated to providing full service Project and Program Management using cost efficient solutions and services designed to meet the individual business needs of our clients. We build long term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders focusing on translating requirements to meet business objectives using innovation, inspiration, and continuous improvement.
We understand each solution is unique to the client’s situation, reflecting the special requirements of your business. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand thoughts, requirements, goals, and priorities paying attention to all detail, no matter how small. Whether your project is small or complex in nature that spans organizations, geographies, and technologies, we work together to achieve a common business goal and are directly accountable to executive management.
Using well-established project management methodologies, processes, and procedures, EMS Consulting understands and is committed to the practice of Project Management and its value to our clients consciously striving to align strategic initiatives to the business needs of your organization.